Chichvarkin Evgeniy Aleksandrovich

Chichvarkin Evgeniy Aleksandrovich

Chichvarkin Evgeniy Aleksandrovich

Russian entrepreneur, founder of the Euroset company, restaurateur.

Biography, early years, education

Evgeny Chichvarkin was born on September 10, 1974 in Leningrad (according to other sources - in Moscow). His father, Alexander Alexandrovich, was a hereditary pilot, his mother, Lyudmila Gennadievna, worked in the Ministry of Foreign Trade as an engineer-economist. The family was quite wealthy.

He lived with his parents in Moscow, where he graduated from high school. As a high school student, he tried his hand at business: he bought blocks of cigarettes and sold them in packs with a small margin. Later, he chose the appropriate specialty for the further development of entrepreneurial skills: he completed preparatory courses at Moscow State University and entered the State Academy of Management. He graduated from the university in 1996 with a degree in economics. Then he entered graduate school, where he studied for two years: he passed the candidate's minimum, but did not defend his dissertation.

First steps in business

As a talented entrepreneur, Chichvarkin declared himself in his student days. He opened a point in the market in Luzhniki, selling nail polish, hairpins, underwear, jeans, sneakers, video cassettes and various hot goods. By his own admission, he liked to sell, no matter what. He approached the matter with enthusiasm: he made bright signs, lifted the goods on a special design so that it was noticeable among other outlets.

But the real success story began in 1997. Then Evgeny Chichvarkin, together with his longtime friend Timur Artemiev, created a company selling cell phones "Euroset". This line of business was suggested by Artemiev: he knew how to equip mobile devices, but he asked Chichkvarkin to help develop stores and build a marketing strategy. He zealously set to work: he thought over signs and advertising, borrowed money for the first batch of phone accessories from his father. Three years later, from a pair of salons, the network grew to 11 points of sale

Euroset. Golden Decade

In 2003, the company became the leader in mobile retail in Moscow and began to move to the regions, opening a huge number of outlets. In the same year, the first tranche of promissory notes of the Euroset group of companies was issued, in April 2004 the second tranche of promissory notes was issued, and in October of the same year, a bonded loan of the company with a total nominal value of 1 billion rubles was placed. In 2006, Euroset occupied 37 % of the Russian cell phone market. The company's salons worked in more than 1.5 thousand settlements in Russia, Belarus, and at the end of the 2000s also in Ukraine and Moldova.

Evgeny Chichvarkin alone generated a huge number of ideas for the promotion. It was thanks to his efforts that the brand was on everyone's lips. Many people remember interesting facts from numerous advertising companies: use of black PR, slogans on the verge of a foul , the contest "Undress for the phone", etc. The retailer's low prices also contributed to its widespread popularity. But the wild success attracted the attention of competitors who sought to sink Euroset, as well as regulatory authorities.

In September 2008, Evgeny Chichvarkin and Timur Artemiev sold the business to the investment company ANN. The total amount of the transaction was estimated at about $400 million, excluding debt, which amounted to about $900 billion. At the suggestion of the new owner of Euroset, Alexander Mamut, part of the shares was bought out by Vympel-Communications. Chichvarkin Evgeny Aleksandrovich remained the chairman of the board of directors of Euroset until November 20, 2008.

During his work in mobile sales, the founder of Evroset Evgeny Chichvarkin was awarded the "Person of the Year" award in the "Head of the Retail Business" nomination, as well as the title of winner of the national stage of the "Entrepreneur of the Year" competition held by Ernst & Young.

Political ambitions. Emigration

After leaving Euroset Chichvarkin headed the still unregistered Moscow city branch of the Right Cause party. The new liberal party was established at the initiative of the presidential administration after the dissolution of the Democratic Party of Russia, the Civil Force party and the Union of Right Forces.

In as a party functionary Chichvarkin saw his role in popularizing the idea of ​​free competition and an unregulated market as “the only right image life and ways out of the crisis. He was also tasked with branding the party.

But the Moscow branch under Chichvarkin was never established. In December 2018, he flew to London and never returned to Russia. Two years later, he made a statement that he was not a member of the Right Cause party.

In 2012, the biography of Evgeny Chichvarkin began as a shocking restaurateur and owner of a wine boutique. It was then that a Russian emigrant opened a store Hedonism Wines in London's Mayfair. It shocked the British not only with its assortment and dizzying prices, but also with its bold and unusual design. Despite the gossip of critics, the store brings profit to Chichvarkin, and many celebrities are its guests.

In 2018, together with a partner, he opened the equally daring and expensive restaurant Hide, which offers wine tasting at no extra charge from his own store.

Shortly after opening, Chichvarkin's restaurant received a Michelin star, and later Hide entered the top 100 best restaurants in the UK. In addition, the restaurant deserved to win the competition for the best wine list of the year.

In 2017, according to the London edition of The Sunday Times, Chichvarkin Yevgeny Alexandrovich was on the 905th line among the richest people in the UK.

The coronavirus pandemic hit Chichvarkin's business. He had to transfer restaurant employees to government subsidies. The Russian was not at a loss and was one of the first to launch a food delivery system at home. The action was called Hide at Home.

Private life 

The Russian entrepreneur lived with his first wife, Antonina, for many years. She supported him in his first business ventures. The couple has two children: Yaroslav (1998) and Marta (2006). The Chichvarkins moved together to London, where they bought a mansion in Surrey. However, in August 2016, it became known about the divorce of the spouses.

Now Chichvarkin is in a relationship with Tatyana Fokina. A philologist by education, she moved to the UK and got a job as an administrator at Chichvarkin's liquor store. They did not officially register a marriage with a businessman. The couple has a daughter, Alice, who was born in 2015.